Starting on May 21st, there will be a new way to travel from Minnesota to Chicago, and all for less than a tank of gas.

Amtrak announced the new Borealis train that originates daily from St. Paul and makes its way in a 7 hour and 24-minute ride across Wisconsin to Chicago. The train departs from St. Paul's Union Depot daily at 11:50 AM and arrives at Chicago's Union Station at around 7:15 PM.

The train will offer coach and business class seat options, all riders will get reclining seats, with no middle seat, free Wi-Fi and access to the Café car featuring a variety of items for sale. The route also provides riders with amazing views of the Mississippi River between St. Paul and La Crosse.

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The best thing about taking the new Borealis train? Coach seats start at just $41! That's cheaper than filling your gas tank multiple times for a round-trip drive to Chicago. It's the perfect way to make that weekend getaway affordable. Business class seats start at $98 and include extra legroom with footrests, and more flexible cancelation options.

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The new Borealis train follows the same route as the current Empire Builder train that also runs daily from Minnesota to Chicago and makes the same stops, but is much cheaper, coach tickets on the Empire Builder start at $145, so this new train is a welcomed addition.

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With its many attractions and shopping options, Chicago is a great place to visit for a quick vacation, also, The Windy City is a big hub for airlines, with these rail tickets so cheap, it might be worth checking flights out of Chicago for some deals to travel other places.

“This route includes eight stations in Wisconsin, and doubling the frequency of the service will better connect the many businesses, universities and tourist attractions along this corridor,” WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson said.

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