Kwik Trip was just named the top gas station brand in America, and fans of the brand can show their fandom by getting their hands on these custom-made sneakers.

Kwik Trip is more than a gas station, they have woven themselves into many people's daily routine, so much so that there are fan clubs and groups of people that obsess over everything the brand does, so it's no surprise that people are going bonkers for these shoes.

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Kwik Trip
Kwik Trip

How Do I Get Kwik Trip Sneakers?

The custom-made, hand painted Nike sneakers are part of a promotion that Kiwk Trip is doing for their Kwik Rewards members, and the contest is open until June 30th. Members of the reward program can spend earned "visits" to enter the random drawing, they also have a free entry form available to keep things legal.

How Many Pairs of Kiwk Trip Sneakers Are There?

In total, Kwik Trip says that 4 pairs of the custom-made shoes will be given away, the winners will get to pick a size, and the shoes will be hand painted and crafted by Cherry Pair Customs. Each $550 pair of sneakers will be customized specifically for each of the winners and will be delivered 12–16 weeks after winning.

Kwik Trip
Kwik Trip

What Do The Kwik Trip Sneakers Look Like?

I have to say, the shoes look awesome, I would rock a pair. The red, white, and blue Nike Air shoes are customized with Kiwk Trip Easter eggs, including their famous line "See ya next time", the laces feature their slogan "We've got you covered", and it features the name of their in-house brand Urge, and some others, can you spot them all?

Responses Heard To 'See You Next Time' In Minnesota & Wisconsin Kwik Trip Stores

How do you respond to the Kwik Trip trademark phrase "see you next time"? These are some responses heard in stores across Minnesota and Wisconsin. The last one is probably one of my favorites!

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper

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