Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, an attraction making stops in both Minnesota and Wisconsin this summer is bringing some record-setting levels of bouncing fun for all ages this summer.

A touring bounce house called The Big Bounce America is bringing the largest bounce house attraction in the world to the Twin Cities area and Madison area this summer. With tens of thousands of square feet of bounce space, the company brings multiple inflatables to offer options for bouncers of all ages.

Here's a look at the types of attractions, when and where it will be when they stop in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and everything else to know.

What are the attractions and activities?

  • "World's Largest Bounce House": The centerpiece of their massive inflatables options, this newly-expanded attraction offers a little over 24,000 square feet of bouncing space that stands 32 feet tall and includes climbing towers, a giant slide, ball pit, and much more.
  • "The Giant": Over 900 feet in length, it offers 50 different obstacles S you make your way from one end to the other that can be a race among friends or just a fun bouncy obstacle course that ends in a big slide.
  • "Octoblast": A combination of a bouncy house and foam party, this ocean-themed attraction includes fun things like foam canons and sea creatures all around.
  • "airSPACE": A space-themed inflatable that includes friendly aliens, spaceships, and other interactive space fun. There's a 5-lane slide, moon base, crater ball pits, and more.
  • "Sport Slam": A custom bouncy sports arena with goals, nets, hoops, and special zones for climbing as well as a battle zone to compete against family and friends. Dodgeball, basketball, and soccer are just some of the fun with this inflatable.
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Here's an aerial look at the inflatables in action.

How much does it cost and what do you get with your ticket?

Tickets range from $22 to $45, depending on the age/session type of the attendee. Each person needs a ticket, including an accompanying adult with a child needing supervision. The price of your ticket gives you up to three hours across the available attractions and a timed entry to start your experience at a specific time you book.

For both the Minnesota and Wisconsin dates, here are the prices:

  • "Toddler Session": Toddlers & Babies (Ages 3 and younger): $22
  • "Junior Session": Ages 7 and younger: $35
  • "Bigger Kids Session": Ages 15 and younger: $35
  • "Adult Only Session": Ages 16 and up: $45

When and where will The Big Bounce America be in Minnesota & Wisconsin?

The Minnesota stop will be at Shakopee East Middle School in Shakopee, Minnesota in the Twin Cities area for two weekends. The first weekend is June 8 and 9 and the second is June 14-16.

The Wisconsin stop will be at Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin in the Madison area June 21-23.

Here's a look at the fun in store!

World's Largest Bounce House Is Coming To Minnesota!

The World’s Largest Bounce House, a brand-new 24,000 sq. ft. bounce house, announced its 2024 North American tour including a stop in Minnesota.

Gallery Credit: Troy Dunken

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