For students in the Springfield Illinois School District a updated school dress code policy has been put into place for students who will be doing remote learning this year. Part of the dress code entails no pajamas, slippers or hats while on camera during the school day.

Springfield Illinois is the state capitol and is located in the middle of the state quite a distance form the city of Chicago. Officials from the public school district said they hope that students approach remote learning the same way they would as if attending class in person and that means following a dress code. I personally think that this will be hard to enforce and should not be an issue as long as it is not interfering with the class session. Students are expected to be sitting up during class preferably at a desk or table, which seems valid. If a child is laying on their bed that is not going to make for a very positive learning experience.

Jason Wind, director of school support said to ABC7 "The expectation is that the dress code is upheld, we don't need students in pajamas and all those other things while on their Zoom conferences." School officials say the policy was developed with teachers, administrators and parents, but many parents are coming forward saying they do not agree with this dress policy.

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Elizabeth Ballinger who is a parent told WCIA-TV "I made the decision for my kids to be at home and I don't really see how any district can come in and say what my kid can't wear in my house. I don't think they have any right to say what happens in my house. I think they have enough to worry about as opposed to what the kids are wearing. They need to make sure they're getting educated."

Around 14,000 students attend school in Springfield with classes starting August 31 with a combination of online and in-person classes. School officials say they don't intend for this policy to be used as a form of punishment if a student does not comply especially during a pandemic, but rather if their is a specific concern it will be dealt with on an individual basis with the student and their family.

I can see both sides of this issue, but if this were my kids I would be more concerned about what a huge adjustment this is for them and would be more concerned about their learning experience. As long as they were dressed and not laying in bed but sitting at some type of work station, I would not be very concerned about what they were wearing.

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