Youtuber, The Guy Who Sings About Cities & Towns recently released a song about Duluth titled 'The Truth About Duluth'. Could this be our city's theme song?

Like his Youtube name says, he literally sings a bunch of songs about cities and towns. He'll even compile them into albums like: Very Good Minnesota Songs Because (50 songs), Massachusetts Is a Great Commonwealth State, Yes (50 songs), These Australia Places Deserve These Nice Songs (88 songs),These Songs About Canada Places (94 songs), and so much more.

The Minnesota album includes classics like:

Tis man might be on something and he could very well be the next great lyricist of our time. I personally think he should continue to make songs about every city in the land of 10,000 lakes. Check out the Duluth song above and tell me it's not one of the greatest songs of Duluth you've ever heard!


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