Courteney Cox announced on her Instagram that she will return for the upcoming Scream, which was initially described as a reboot and is now very clearly some kind of sequel, the fourth to follow the landmark 1996 slasher film from director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson.

Cox, who plays reporter and writer Gale Weathers in the series, posted that she “can’t wait to see that face again,” with an image of the series’ signature villain, Ghostface:

Her Instagram post was also shared by Scream 5’s distributor Paramount Pictures, who sent her a welcome back message:

Cox joins David Arquette, Scream’s bumbling Sheriff Dewey Riley, in rejoining the series for this film, which has a script by James Vanderbilt and is being directed by the team known as Radio Silence. (Neve Campbell has previously discussed “conversations” with producers about a role but no formal announcement about her return have been made.) Obviously, the team will also have to lure Ghostface back as well; given his increased profile after not only the previous movies but the Scream TV series as well, he’s going to ask for a lot of money.

If the new Scream arrives on schedule some time in 2021 (a big if these days), it would mark the original Scream’s 25 anniversary. What a perfect way to celebrate.

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