As a guy, I can admit it is hard to read what a woman is thinking from time to time. It's one of those fun little mysteries that surround the dynamic between men and women. Figuring out whether someone is interested in you after a first date can be equally tricky, so one Philadelphia man decided to go directly for the answers. Jeanne and I talked about this guy in today's (May 17) Idiots in the News and the survey was too good not to share.

The guy, who has the name Michael in reports about the story, would give a "Date Response Form" for women to fill out after spending some time with him. To say the least; this guy is either really awkward, really dense, or both. One lucky recipient of the questionnaire decided to forward it on to Deadspin, so the world could know what Michael wants to know from his women.

Here's the survey, in all its glory. Enjoy, and be sure to leave a comment below!