U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport discovered a shipment of injectable tightening gel from Hong Kong.

Customs and Border Protection discovered the package of 2,536 pre-filled syringes of "vaginal tightening gel" packaged in ready-to-sell pink packaging, the street value of the syringes is estimated to be over $19,000.

The shipment of the gel was headed to a residential address in Woodbury, MN  before being intercepted, the gel urges users to wear chemical-resistant gloves when handling it, but the gel is meant to be injected into the body. EEK!

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LaFonda D. Sutton-Burke, Director of Field Operations at the Chicago Field Office for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection says, "This dangerous shipment is another example of someone using unregulated gels to prey on unknowing consumers with false promises. Not knowing what you are inserting in your body can be deadly, and consumers believe they are getting a discount, when in fact they are purchasing an inferior product with unapproved ingredients.”

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According to Allure, "The main ingredient in this scam of a product is glycerin, a compound often found in lube. Lube is awesome, but experts caution against using lube made with glycerin as there's evidence it can lead to yeast or bacterial infection. Bottom line: tightening creams are a waste of money."

It should be obvious, but Customs and Border Protection reminds the public that buying products like this online is a risk as they are often made by non-regulated foreign companies that generally contain dangerous contaminants or ineffective compounds and can be very dangerous for human consumption.

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