If you saw a giant salmon flying into the Minneapolis- St. Paul Airport, you're eyes weren't playing tricks on you. It is probably the most unique livery that I've ever seen on a plane!

The MSP Airport shared pictures of the Alaska Airlines passenger jet on their Facebook page this week.

The jet is called the "Salmon Thirty Salmon" as a pun for what the aircraft actually is. It's a Boeing 737 that's operated by Alaska Airlines. The 129-foot-long plane can accommodate 12 first-class passengers, 30 premium passengers, and 117 coach passengers. It operates with a crew of 2 pilots and 4 flight attendants.

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The livery features a wild Alaska king salmon, and it also has fish scales on the wingtips. It has hot pink Alaska scrawled across the fuselage and also has the words Wild Alaska Seafood on it. I think it's pretty amazing how they got the fish to fit the plane so well. Check out that tail going right up the tail of the plane!  I can imagine if you saw this coming over 494 while driving that it would make your head turn. I wish I had the chance to see it in person!

Alaska Airlines worked in partnership with Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute to come up with the 2012 design that is one of the most intricately painted commercial airplanes. Alaska Seafood Marketing Institue was created to promote wild, natural, and sustainable Alaska seafood. They offer tips, tons of recipes, and some interesting facts about wild Alaska seafood.

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