The corporate headquarters for Dairy Queen is based in Bloomington, Minnesota and they understand very well how long the winters in the midwest can be, so to celebrate the first day of Spring they will be offering a free small vanilla cone at all of their locations across the country later this month while supplies last.

According to their website, the very first Dairy Queen opened up in Joliet Illinois in 1940 and since then they have become more than a place to get ice cream treats with some places called Grill and Chill offering food off their grills like burgers, chicken, fries, and more.

One of my all-time favorite things to get at Dairy Queen is a snickers blizzard which was first introduced in 1985, but I will take a vanilla cone any day. Some Dairy Queens in our area our seasonal like the one located in West Duluth which is now open by the way. This a sure sign that winter is almost over!

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There are more than 7,000 Dairy Queens throughout the United States and Canada and 20 other countries. Of course, every one of their cones has the signature curl on top and I will tell you from experience it is not an easy thing to master.

Six years ago the crew from MIX108 went to the West Duluth Dairy Queen in the shadow of Denfeld High School and we learned how to make the signature cone. Ian was at a definite advantage because he had worked there back in the day, but eventually, we all got the hang of it. And yes, this video has over 2 million!

There are currently 6 Dairy Queens in the Twin Ports area, so mark your calendar for March 20 to go get your free cone!

  1. 307 Canal Park Drive in Duluth
  2. 4703 Market Street in Hermantown
  3. 4431 Grand Avenue in Duluth
  4. 3100 Tower Avenue in Superior
  5. 5692 Miller Trunk Highway in Duluth
  6. 1402 Hwy 33 S in Cloquet

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