Whether we like it or not, summer is over and fall is here. The turning of the seasons is always bittersweet for many reasons but one of the saddest? Some of our favorite businesses are seasonal and fall means they close up shop for the winter.

One of those is Gordy's Hi-Hat. They had an exciting summer, with a famous television star paying them a visit over the fourth of July weekend! Sadly, they are officially closed for the season now. They closed in mid-September.

Other seasonal businesses include the Dairy Queen location in West Duluth and the Portland Malt Shoppe along the shores of Lake Superior. Both of these seasonal businesses open when spring rolls around and close when winter is near.

We haven't heard a closing date from either of these seasonal businesses just yet. Sadly, it looks like A & Dubs is next, as they shared their closing date on their Facebook page Saturday (September 24th).

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They kept their announcement short and sweet, stating that you only have about a week left to feast on their classics before they close for the winter. They serve food like onion rings, burgers and all your other favorite treats.

According to their post, the last day is Saturday, October 1st. That is this weekend so get out there and feast while you still can! Otherwise, you will be waiting quite a long time to be able to eat there again.

A & Dubs opened in late May this year. Each time they announce their opening date, locals flood the comments section with their excitement. As if we need another reason to look forward to spring, we definitely have one when A & Dubs announces their opening date for the season.

A & Dubs is located at 3131 West 3rd Street in Duluth. The drive-in will be sitting empty soon so like I said, go feast one last time. In other business-related news, Target is already starting to hire seasonal workers.

They are hiring 100,000 workers for the holiday season, which is notoriously busy for the company. There are six different positions available for the Duluth location, which is just across from the Miller Hill Mall. It could be a good way to get through winter!

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