If you've been outside recently, you don't need me to tell you: winter is here and here to stay. That means, many of our seasonal businesses have or are closing up shop, most recently the famous Portland Malt Shoppe.

Another seasonal business, a drive-in serving classics called A & Dubs, closed for good on the first day of the month. They typically open around Mother's Day and close late in the summer or early fall.

Another business only open for the season is Gordy's Hi-Hat. The restaurant is so popular, it has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives several times. They closed a bit early this year, with their last day being September 18th.

Now, it looks like it is Portland Malt Shoppe's time to close for the winter season. They announced their closing date over the weekend and let's just say, I hope you got one last malt because if you're reading this, it is officially too late!

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That's right. Portland Malt Shoppe is officially closed for the season. On Saturday (October 15th), they shared that it would be their last weekend in service until next year. According to their post, Sunday was the last day in business until 2023.

Like I said, I hope you got one last malt before they closed because you won't be able to feast on one until 2023. They opened for the season in late April so while there was plenty of time to stop for a treat, it seemed like this season went by really fast.

Portland Malt Shoppe serves a bunch of ice cream classics like malts, hence the name, ice cream cones and more treats along the shores of Lake Superior. The spot is also historic, having formerly been a gas station for Northwestern Oil Company. It has been the Portland Malt Shoppe since the building was purchased back in 1989.

Until next year!

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