Being that James Bond is one of those characters that will never go out of style, it came as no surprise to learn that we’d be getting another movie installment of the franchise in 2014. The real mystery, though, was Daniel Craig‘s involvement. At the time this news broke, it wasn’t yet clear if our current 007 would be assuming the role again in the future, but now we can all rest assured that we’ll definitely be seeing Craig all tuxed up and sipping a martini… or a Heineken.

MI6 recently reported that Daniel Craig’s James Bond contract has indeed been extended to include two more films, giving his resume a total of five 007 movies. Although, Craig is looking forward to a bit of a breather and has said he won’t be taking on any other film projects until after the ‘Skyfall‘ promotions are over and done with.

This’ll probably come as a disappointment to ‘Man of Steel‘ star Henry Cavill, who revealed in a recent interview with Cineplex magazine that he’d like a chance at playing the suave secret agent.

Also coming back for more is Sony Pictures, whose relationship with MGM started with ‘Casino Royale.’ The production team is pegging the Bond 24 movie to release in late 2014. EON Productions has already started working on the screenwriter contracts for the next two films, though the screenwriters themselves have yet to be solidified.

Are you excited to see Daniel Craig take on James Bond two more times? Let us know in the comments.

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