A toxic invasive plant called Poison Hemlock can be deadly if eaten and can cause welts on exposed skin has been spreading rapidly across the United States and has been reported in Minnesota and Wisconsin. In Minnesota the plant has been reported all over southern Minnesota south of the Twin Cities. In Wisconsin the closest report to the Northland is in Bayfield County. See DNR Map. 

This invasive plant can wreak havoc in parks, flower beds and backyard gardens. It requires a sufficient amount of sunlight and normally has been spotted along highways, fences and on the edge of farm fields but has now migrated to more popular areas.

Dan Shaver is with Indiana's Natural Resources Conservation Service said to USA Today: 

That movement is a bit scary to me because this plant is very toxic and it’s more of an opportunity for kids to play with it and pets to eat it. It is not a plant you want around your home or in your local park.


According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources they warn that " This plant is highly poisonous. Do not eat any parts of the plant as it is poisonous to humans and livestock. Can be fatal if ingested. " This particular plant can grow up to eight feet tall and has purple spots or splotches along the stem.

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If you come upon this plant The University of Minnesota highly recommends that you call a professional to remove them, but if you choose to remove them yourself be sure to wear gloves and other protective clothing including eye wear. Shower afterwards to be sure you have no toxic sap on your skin, and wash your clothes. Exposure to bare skin can cause redness and even welts.

Even though we do not have an immediate threat of this toxic plant right here in the Northland it may be around but has not been reported to the DNR  That is why it is so important to be aware of these types of plants because they are so toxic.

H/T: https://quickcountry.com/watch-out-toxic-plant-spreading-across-the-u-s-is-here-in-minnesota/

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