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I often do searches on YouTube for Duluth-related videos to share or blog about it and everytime I do I'm weeding through dozens of videos from realtors or car dealers.

Just do a search for Duluth, MN or any other city and sort the results by date uploaded and you'll see pages and pages of pointless videos that promote a specific car or house for sale.

These videos rarely have any views, are often produced in a very cookie cutter type fashion (YAWN) and get in my way of finding well produced and/or entertaining videos.

I visited one realtor's channel that had hundreds of videos and the video with the highest views had 6, that's right 6 views, what a waste. You can't be getting many leads from these videos if NO ONE is watching them?!

Bloomington Lincoln is located in the Twin Cities, but they include Duluth, MN in the description of the video so they show up in any search results for Duluth. A few of their videos have a good number of views, but most of their videos have 10 views or under and are just clogging up search results, thanks, aholes.

Most of these dealers and realtors are surely paying a third party service to produce these spam videos, and in my opinion, they are just throwing their money away and doing their brand harm by annoying people who just want to watch some Duluth tourist videos.

I realize in the bigger picture of life this is a very, very small problem and annoyance, but if I can make your experience of watching cat videos from Duluth a better one than I feel that I've done my good deed for the day.

Rant over.

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