Ah...1988. It seems like so long ago. Well, because it was.  In 1988, at the age of 8, I wanted to be 1 of 2 people.  Tiffany, or Debbie Gibson.

I saw this fact today, and I was filled with as much pride I would have if she was my own daughter.  And in music today, this fact may shock you!

On this day in 1988,  Debbie Gibson's "Foolish Beat" hit #1 on the charts, making her the youngest artist to write, sing and produce a #1 hit.  She was 17 years old at the time!  And guess what makes this feat all the more amazing?  She STILL holds that title!

Nice job, Debbie!  Er...I mean Deborah.  That's what she wants to be called now.   And now, a cheesy 80's video that I'm sure will bring you back to the day when you weren't cool unless you teased your bangs and had acid wash jeans.  With a jean jacket.