Ahh...childhood.  Every generation can tell you what the best shows, games, music, movies, and pop culture events were cool when they were growing up.  So for my own personal enjoyment, I'm telling mine.

I was born in 1980, so I had the privilege of being a true 80's (when neon colors were cool-the first time around) child.

At my house, dinnertime around the table is a great example of when the kids have our undivided attention and me and my husband start bringing up our childhoods.


Yes, we may have had the OG Nintendo, but we had ONE game.  (Ok, two.  Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt, but they were the same cartridge--that we had to blow on if it didn't work.)  And you couldn't go online with a headset to play your friends in Australia.  There was no such thing as a "rating" on our video games, because we knew that even if you stomped on the head

of a Goomba, you couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't do it in real life.


We reminisce about our favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Yes, we had to wait a whole WEEK to watch our favorite cartoons.

Speaking of  Saturday Morning Cartoons, do you remember this?

My kids think the whole concept of wasting a Saturday morning waiting for cartoons to come on is hilarious, because all they have to do is find one of 17 satellite channels that run cartoons 24/7.

One of my favorite stations was Nickelodeon.  Remember this Nickelodeon show?

Hint...think green slime.

Oh, and TGIF was more than a restaurant chain the Twin Ports DON'T have, or a Katy Perry song.  TGIF was the family gathering around the tube to catch the greatest shows ever made. (Ok, maybe not ever made.  But I thought so at the time.)

I can remember watching this show, every Friday night:

My favorite books were about friends that babysat, twin sisters in high school, homeless children who solved mysteries, and the complete set of encyclopedias.  Because we didn't have google.












My favorite songs.  Wow.  I could do a whole different blog on that topic, but here are a few that I had on repeat for MONTHS.  (And when I say "repeat," what I really mean is hitting the rewind and fast forward buttons on the cassette player until I found the beginning of the song again.  Thank goodness for singles!)


Oh, and I can't forget Movies of the 80's=AWESOME!

These were a few of my favorites:


Were you an 80's child?  What do you miss the most?