Demi Lovato, who was reportedly spotted out of rehab days ago, just confirmed she's home with the most epic return to social media.

In Lovato's first Instagram post in over three months, the powerhouse singer is seen a voting booth, smiling over her shoulder as she fills out her ballot. "I am so grateful to be home in time to vote!" she writes. "One vote can make a difference, so make sure your voice is heard! Now go out and #VOTE!!!!" Um, WE STAN.

Lovato using her platform to make such an inspiring statement to her over 70-million followers is just so perfect. We'd be thrilled just knowing she was home and healthy, but to use this moment to encourage people to vote? Brilliant.

Demi looks happy and is glowing in the photo. We can't wait to see (and hear) more from her when she's ready. Last month her mother, Dianna De La Garza, revealed Demi was more than 90 days sober, and this week we learned more about a reported sober buddy she's been spending time with since leaving rehab.

Welcome home, Demi. We've got your back and we love you!

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