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Demi Lovato Once Slid Into Emily Hampshire's DMs

If there is one thing we know about Demi Lovato, it's that they go after what they want. In a recent episode of 4D With Demi Lovato, Schitt's Creek star Emily Hampshire revealed how the two of them met on social media. (via Just Jared)

Women Find It Attractive When Men Mumble

The things people find attractive never cease to amaze us. A new study found that women think it's attractive when men mumble and blend their vowels together. Ironically, the opposite is true when it comes to what men find attractive. Men like it more when women speak clearly and are easy to understand. (via Daily Mail)

Simone Biles Gifts Suni Lee's Dad With Brand New Wheelchair

Simone Biles adores her Olympics teammate Suni Lee so much that she decided to gift Lee's dad with something special. In 2019, John Lee became paralyzed from the chest down after falling off a ladder. He has been using a traditional wheelchair and his son has been pushing him around. Biles teamed up with Today to surprise Lee with a new state-of-art electronic wheelchair. (via TMZ)

Final Trailer for New Bond Movie 'No Time to Die'

It's almost here! The new James Bond movie hits theaters Sept. 30. Watch the final trailer below:

Colton Underwood Spotted Out and About With New Boyfriend

Colton Underwood was spotted vacationing in Hawaii with a mystery man. This marks his first relationship since ending things with his Bachelor season winner Cassie Randolph.

25 Celebrities Who Had Tattoo Regret

Celebrities all have different ways of dealing with their regrettable tattoos — from expensive removal procedures to covering up with more ink... or even just living with their mistake(s) and dealing with the consequences.

Discover 25 tattoo regrets, cover-ups and removals, below.


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