Here we are back in school and there are things to remember to keep kids safe.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation posts rules so that motorists are driving safely around schools and school buses. I would think the stop sign at the cross walk or on the bus would be enough to make people stop, but it seems not. Learn the rules!! It could mean the difference between waiting a couple of minutes or tragedy.

MnDOT says that each year, more kids are tragically killed outside of school buses than inside as occupants.  Motorists need to pay more attention when approaching a school bus either from the front or back.  The fine for violating the school bus stop arm law is $500 and I would argue that it's not enough by at least half. So, here are the rules from a CBS broadcaster.

When driving in school zones the state of MN says, come to a complete stop in crosswalk areas. Kids aren't like pedestrians, sometimes they are not paying attention or they are talking with their friends. It's busy around a school area and they are all crossing to get to school on time.

Give the kids the right of way and then when they are done crossing, look again and then proceed. Look behind you too, kids might be crossing. It is the law to stop for school busses. Be aware of kids around you, they could be crossing the street at the school or blocks from the school

This is from Hendersonville but it works for anyone to be safe.

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