Demi Lovato made her Will & Grace debut as a surrogate during Thursday (January 9) night's episode.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer made her memorable first guest-starring appearance as Jenny — the woman hired by Will (Eric McCormack), who wants to have a baby on his own. In the episode, Will meets Jenny in her apartment and she doesn't exactly make the best first impression. Not only does she threaten his knock at the door with a knife and a dog, but her apartment is a mess and Will freaks out when he finds out she's a cam girl.

Check out Demi Lovato in the Will & Grace teaser video, below:

In the actual episode, Will asks Jenny, "I'm not saying this in a judgmental way — despite the tone I hear in my voice and the face I'm trying not to make — but are you going to be doing this while your carrying my child?"

"Look, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't do drugs. Nothing harmful goes into my body and perfect babies come out," Jenny replies. "I'm like a machine."

At first, Will is skeptical, but then he comes around after realizing he was too quick to judge her. "I judged how you use your body, while I was asking if I could use it too," he tells Jenny before she accepts his apology and says she will be his surrogate.

The pop star first announced she was joining the cast of Will & Grace back in August ahead of the hit NBC show's final season. At the time, she shared a behind-the-scenes photo on the set of the series alongside the caption: "Will & Grace & Demi."

Will & Grace airs Thursdays at 9 PM ET on NBC.

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