Taylor Swift loves us - she really loves us! At least, she did back when she was just on the scene as an up-and-coming country star.

Last week, I stumbled upon the booklet for Taylor Swift's debut album. I hadn't looked at it in years and was naturally curious. For reference, she dropped her debut album back in 2006 when she was still relatively unknown.

Obviously, things have changed and she is now arguably the biggest artist on the planet. I decided to take a look at the pamphlet since it had been awhile and when I got to the "thank you" portion of the book, I got excited when I noticed she gave Minnesota an awesome but subtle shout-out!

What did she say? It all happened when she was thanking her best friend, Abigail. Here's what she wrote:

I love my friends. Abigail, I love you because you are my best friend in the entire world. Can't wait to room together when we're 65 and wrinkly and living in Minnesota.

See - I told you she loves us! This is very random but was a fun surprise to come across while I was reminiscing. We don't know if this is actually going to happen, considering she is now a global superstar but it is still cool that she thought of us before she made it big.

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I know we would welcome her with open arms. Duluth is a beautiful place and a nice place to retire. Ha!

By the way - she did briefly return to country music from pop music recently. She dropped one of her massive country singles having reworked the arrangement and her vocals as part of a new project to rerecord most of her previous albums.

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