I have never heard of such a thing in my life, pelicans in Minnesota, how awesome is that?  Well you may not have know this either because apparently they only migrate in Western and sometimes Central Minnesota and stay in some of the small shallow lakes.

According to the DNR white Pelicans are coming back to Western Minnesota even earlier than normal due to the warmer temperatures and thawing lakes and rivers. The shallow lakes with islands are typical hangouts for these particular pelicans, but humans need to be cautious around them. These enormous birds can get spooked very easily and will leave their nests even with eggs in them, so stay away. If they seem at all startled by your presence you are to close.

I am always fascinated to watch pelicans in the wild but have only seen them in Florida and watching them scoop up a pouch full of fish is crazy. But did you know that pelicans will grab and swallow just about anything? They not only eat fish but they will go after baby birds, pigeons, ducks etc. pretty much anything they can get there beaks on. After hearing this I have a whole new view on these majestic birds, yes it is all part of the circle of life but I am going to keep my distance next time I run into them again.

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