This is one type of hockey that I could really get behind. I cannot skate to save my life, and I hate the cold but I love to swim and I can hold my breath for quite a while, so here we have it Underwater Hockey!

Minnesota actually has an underwater hockey team called The Loons and apparently this sport has been around for quite a while. The team consists of 6 players using a mask, snorkel and flippers along with a foot-long stick to move the half pound leaded puck across the floor of the pool.

KARE11 met up with player Pedro Bartol and he said "I mean, it's got a little bit of hockey, some soccer positioning, swimming." Ben Erickson, President of the Minnesota Loons has been playing the sport since 1982. The sport has increased in popularity thanks to Go Pros and underwater cameras. Many players say it is hard to explain, you have to see it on video or play yourself. The Loons are headed to a national Competition in Orlando next week. The Loons are based out of the Twin Cities, but maybe a club could get started here in the Twin Ports?


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