Digital pranksters have struck again. This time with a flaw that impacts Safari and Chrome browsers on most devices (phone, tablet, laptop/desktop). NBC News is reporting the "prank" tricks people into clicking or tapping on links that will crash your browser by overloading them with some code.

This code luckily isn't going to lead to some sort of hack or permanent damage, but it will crash mobile versions of the impacted browsers and cause laptop/desktop versions to hang up. The report says users can still force-quit an impacted browser to force it out of the overwhelming code load. Beside annoyance, little more should happen than lost data on any pages you may have been viewing. Obnoxious, yes; critically dangerous, luckily no.

The recommendation is to avoid clicking on links from unknown sites and sources and links delivered via link shortened like and Also, if someone shares a link to a website with the name "crashsafari" or "crashchrome" in the name, obviously don't click.

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