Disney+ has The SimpsonsThat’s good! The episodes are presented in the wrong aspect ratio. That’s bad! Disney said they’d fix the problem early in 2020. That’s good! But early 2020 came and went and nothing got fixed. That’t bad! But now they said they’re really really fixing it by the end of the month. Which is good.

You can see their tweet below, which confirms that Disney+ will finally be streaming the full, original, uncut versions of the show on May 28.

While the current 16:9 prints of The Simpsons on Disney+ may look more visually appealing on a modern widescreen television, these versions cut off the top and bottom of every single frame of the original material (which until Season 20 was animated in 4:3 aspect ratio). They not only blow up the images at the cost of some resolution, but they also clip off any visual jokes at the top and bottom of the frame as well.

Thankfully, the original versions will be available for your Simpsons Disney+ binges by the end of May. I’ve been watching some of the old episodes lately, and while it’s lovely to have the show available at the press of the button, the 16:9 Simpsons just don’t look right to me. The show should be boxy! And now it will be again. That’s good!

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