The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has increased the possession limit of walleyes that measure outside of the protected slot. Any walleyes in the 15"-20" range must be released. Anglers are allowed to keep one walleye over 20 inches. That's a pretty standard walleye regulation across the state. Different areas have special regulations, and Island Lake Resevoir in St. Louis County is now one of those special regulated lakes.

Anglers now are able to keep 10 walleyes according to the DNT. This begins with the MN fishing opener on May 14, 2021. Only 1 will be allowed to be kept over 20 inches, and the rest need to be under the 15 inch mark. There is no size minimum. Most people familiar with Island Lake Reservoir know that the majority of walleyes are pretty small. That's why the DNR asked fisherman familiar with the lake if they would like to see bigger walleyes. Most people said yes, so that's what set the wheels in motion to change the regulations.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, The DNR hopes that this new approach to walleye management will help reverse the stunted growth in walleye. That's really not a thing that happens much in Minnesota lakes. Usually other species of fish see stunting, but for Island Lake it's been happening to the walleyes.

Island Lake has plenty of other species to fish too, including some pretty good muskie fishing. If you're looking for some of the biggest walleye in the area, you should consider fishing the St. Louis River system. It's really a world class walleye fishing waterway, and on that water you can't even keep a walleye under 15 inches.

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