Earlier this month the owners of the very popular Lake Avenue Restaurant and Bar in Canal  Park opened  Lake Ave DriveIn where the old Porky's Drive-In used to be in Gnesen Township. Customers get to enjoy delicious smash burgers and ice cream, while the adjacent restaurant (the old Boondocks Saloon and Grill) is being gutted and remodeled It will open later this year as Lake Effect Restaurant and Bar at Island Lake.

Lake Avenue Restaurant and Bar owner Derek Snyder said to PerfectDayDuluth: "It’s kind of two businesses in one. One side of the building is going to be the new bar and restaurant. In between, there is our professional-grade kitchen and then the other end, it’s kind of like the old-school Porky’s ice cream place.”

The drive-in portion of the restaurant will be open all summer serving Bridgemans Ice Cream, brats, walleye, and more. Plus they have applied for a liquor license to be able to serve beer, wine and cocktails.

When the Lake Effect Restaurant and Bar is open customers can expect a "cabin chic" menu similar to the canal park restaurant with chops, ribs, seafood, and vegan options and also a more relaxed menu with items like fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.

Snyder went on to say:

We’re really excited about it. In the restaurant business, you don’t really get lucky twice but we’re hoping to — with a lot of hard work and passion again. Just kind of brings the same things we’ve always brought (to Canal Park). It’s more about just the fun of having a restaurant, meeting the people and the customers, and serving good food.

It is so great to see that rea revitalized and give locals and tourists alike another place to eat and also offer more job opportunities as well.

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