Domino's Pizza unveiled the winner of their "Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge," the competition was done through, a car design online community. The small and agile pizza delivery vehicle is packed with amenities that only a modern pizza delivery person would appreciate.

The car's small size makes it easily maneuverable in big cities, the car also features sliding side doors, a rear-view camera, and an auxiliary light integrated in the right side mirror, so that the delivery person can find their way at night.

The inside of the car includes shelves for the pizzas and a refrigerated drawer to store sodas and salads. This thing is also equipped with touch screen GPS navigation.

No word on when or if this vehicle will ever hit the streets of America, but it's pretty cool, my question is, why not design a vehicle that just drives to your house and cooks the pizza fresh, no need for a store?

Domino's/Local Motors
Domino's/Local Motors

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