But only for a limited time. You may or may not remember the Domino's Pizza mascot from the mid-1980's, but he's making a comeback!

The Noid is the red-suited, weird looking, rabbit-eared villain who bounced around Domino's Pizza commercials. Now, Domino's is featuring him in an arcade-style video game on its Facebook page, just for this week.

The company will give away a coupon for a free pizza every minute to the player with the highest score.  I tried.  And lost.  But it was worth a shot!

The chief marketing officer for Domino's is very aware that a lot of people find the Noid annoying. But he also admitted that people constantly ask him when the Noid would be back.

The Noid was born in 1986 at a small ad agency in Domino's hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was a cartoon character of unknown species and never really talked, but he always laughed as he bounced around on a pogo stick trying to flatten a pizza. He was supposed to represent what happened when you ordered pizza from somewhere else.

Here's the Noid in action:



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