Following Tuesday's presidential caucuses in Minnesota as part of Super Tuesday, former Duluth mayor Don Ness is suggesting it's time for the Land of 10,000 Lakes to consider switching to a primary system, rather than caucuses. Participation in this year's presidential primaries and caucuses across the country has been stronger than in years past, which is a good thing. At the same time, Ness points out in a Facebook post (seen below) that caucuses (particularly during a high-interest year, like this year) can be restrictive when it comes to participation.

Ness contends that caucuses are a good way to be a part of democracy in action, but the "crowded hallways and the chaos of casting ALL of the votes during a single hour" can be prohibitive, particularly for certain groups.

Those in favor of caucuses argue that while the process may be more chaotic, it is a more involved process for participants which is designed to foster a more informed decision on candidates rather than simply relying on swaying popular opinion. In case you want more information about the difference between primaries and caucuses, here's a nice, simple primer from Lifehacker.