With the news of Al Franken resigning, Former Duluth Mayor Don Ness took to Facebook to write why he thinks current Duluth Mayor Emily Larson would make a great U.S. senator.

Ness believes the next U.S. Senator must be a woman. He goes on to list all the great things Larson could offer in D.C. like being a passionate leader in increasing presence and opportunities for woman in public life.

The only downside to his endorsement is he doesn't know if Larson actually wants to leave Duluth for D.C. as its a huge change.

I agree with Ness as Larson is a wonderful leader and role model for our city. I also feel like she would be a great Senator, I'm just not sure if Duluth will be ready to le her go quite yet. Let me know in the comments what you think about Larson being a possible Senator or if she should stay in Duluth in the comments below.


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