A writer from Rolling Stone Magazine by the name of Ana Marie Cox paid a visit to Duluth this week to attend the Donald Trump rally at AMSOIL Arena. Following her visit, she wrote a piece that described the rally and painted the city of Duluth as a grimy post-manufacturing relic. After this piece was published, Cox received a lot of heat on social media, prompting her to make some 'tweaks' to her post and issue an apology of sorts about how she portrayed the town.

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson also took to social media, promising a response to Cox's write-up in the form of an open letter, which she posted on Facebook Friday afternoon.

Larson addressed every point Cox brought up in her piece in complete earnest, owning that Duluth is not a perfect city and admitting that some of the points raised are accurate. Larson's rebuttal offered the mayor's perspective on all of Cox's backdrop points on things like local economy, drugs and crime, the "grime" of Downtown Duluth, but also addressed her perspective on where she sees Duluth sitting politically after Cox pigeonholed Duluth as "Trump Territory". You can read Larson's entire open letter to Cox below. You may need to tap the "see more" link to see the whole post.

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