Emily Larson started her political career in Duluth as part of the city council and then successfully ran for mayor back in 2015. She made history by being the first female to hold that position. Moving forward seven years Larson held a press conference on the lakewalk in Canal Park stating that she is going to run for a third term Her slogan for the future of Duluth is "Building a better Duluth."

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She spoke about how the pandemic and the George Floyd murder affected the community along with some of the accomplishments she and her team have made over the last few years like expanding funds to repair roads, creating task forces to address Spirit Mountain, Downtown Duluth, affordable housing and more. Larson also recently was elected to serve a two-year term on the National League of Cities (NLC) Board.      According to FOX21 Larson said:

The accomplishments listed earlier are not just mine, they are ours. Duluth is more resilient, more connected, more financially stable, and more economically secure than when I took office because we worked together. To be clear, I don’t expect to be rewarded for these past accomplishments because we did what we said we would do and what we were elected to do.

As with anyone in her position she has faced some scrutiny over the years including past and future raises on property taxes that have hit many residents hard. The election is set for November 2023 and so far no other candidates have announced a bid to run against her. To view Larson's full press conference go to FOX21.com.

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