Food lovers, rejoice! Taco Bell’s ever-popular fourth meal has a highly anticipated upgrade coming out March 8 involving the unholy union of their tasty tacos and a delicious Doritos shell. They’re calling this culinary masterpiece ‘Doritos Locos.’

Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed has high hopes and an optimistic outlook for this new menu item, saying, “This will be the biggest new-product launch Taco Bell has ever had.” Frankly, we’re just as pumped.

But do you may remember last year’s lawsuit with Taco Bell involving the quality of their meat and that strange filler-substance that it is allegedly made of. Well, that led to a 2-percent loss in same-store sales causing Taco Bell to take some drastic measures in improving their image. So, it looks like Doritos might be its savior.

Doritos Locos tacos will hit stores on March 8th and the world is more than ready to give them a try. On the list of things that Americans love, junk food and fast food are ranked pretty high, so it is hard to imagine Doritos Locos failing.

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