Mountain Dew and Doritos are the flavors of youth for many, sparking memories of video game marathons and late-night parties with friends through high school and college. Word is PepsiCo is cooking up a drink to marry the two flavors into one item.

Reports off the campus of Kent State University (via Reddit) state that students were given the chance to sample "Mountain Dew Dewitos" recently. Reviews in the Reddit thread called the taste anything from "an all-around strange experience" to something that "wasn't too disgusting". One comment offered a more detailed description, saying its "a weird mix of Mountain Dew flavor and Doritos. Like if you shoved a handful of Doritos in your mouth and chugged some Dew at the same time", which probably makes sense, all things considered.

The photo the Redditor posted shows that the drink is orange in color, and apparently was one of a few different flavors being taste-tested that day. The post has received some skepticism, but there could be some truth to the Doritos test flavor. A Mountain Dew spokesperson (via CNET) didn't necessarily confirm the existence of "Dewitos", but did say that the company is always testing with new flavors. The representative also referred to a sampling program that gives students at colleges and universities the chance to sample and vote on new flavors.

The individual that shared the photo on Reddit went on to say "It honestly wasn't too disgusting it just had a really strong Doritos aftertaste which was odd." With the mixed reviews in the Reddit commentary, it's hard to say if PepsiCo will take it any further, but some commenters that weren't on campus to try the drink say they would be excited to try it.

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