Northland residents looking to add a new pet to their home this holiday season can do so at a discount - and help local animal shelters at the same time.  The Humane Society Of Douglas County is planning a week-long Black Friday Happy Catsgiving Adoption Event.  The week long event will happen in the days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, running November 16 through November 23.

And those interested in adopting a new cat will have plenty of choices at a savings; according to details shared in an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall], the Humane Society plans to have "[a]pproximately 100 cats....available at discounts of up to 50% off". The discount will come via a drawing at the time of adoption.

The event comes at the end of a busy year for the professionals that work with animals in the area.  Those individuals say that they've "seen an influx" of animals.  That volume led to action:

"Staff from Superior Animal Hospital stop by the shelter weekly to observe animals and check on their needs.  Seeing the volume of cats that have been admitted to the shelter over the past six months....they worked with the Humane Society staff to set up the daylong spay-neuter clinic."

That daylong spay-neuter event will happen in advance of the adoption event - on Sunday, November 13.  The shelter is normally closed on weekends. But, to accommodate the clinic, "veterinarians and staff members agreed to come in".

After the spay-neuter clinic, the Humane Society of Douglas County will be ready for people who are looking to adopt a cat into their homes. Staff is sharing with interested individuals that "[d]ue to the large number of cats that will be available", they will be handling all adoptions via appointment.  Members of the public will need to call the Humane Society in advance - at 715-398-6784 - to schedule an appointment and to start the pre-approval process.  "It could take days to get pre-approval".

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