Enjoy a movie about a big green ogre and a talking donkey outside at Wessman Arena.

The UWS Yellowjacket Activities Crew, Residence Life, and Campus Recreation are hosting a drive-in movie with a showing of Shrek 2, Friday, September 25th starting at 9:15 PM.

The event is open to all UWS staff and students and there is a 100 person maximum to the event. The parking lot will open one hour prior to showtime and people in attendance are asked to follow parking directions from the staff at the event.

No pets are allowed at the event and they ask that you not sit on your vehicles and keep your stereo at a reasonable volume as to not disturb the people around, but hopefully, everyone is listening to the movie anyway, which will be played through your radio.

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Walk-ins are also available to attend and they ask that everyone obey social distancing guidelines, and wear a facemask if you're moving around the crowd. There will also be a  couple of snack bars available and they ask that you "use the restroom prior to arriving", which tells me there might not be a biffy on site. So no pooping in the parking lot!

If you want more information about the event, hit up this Facebook event page for everything.

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