Man, talk about a path of destruction! The Duluth Police Department responded to a report of a dangerous driver on Sunday, January 2nd in West Duluth. Multiple 911 calls were received that described an individual driving recklessly and hitting cars.

WDIO reports that the suspect has been identified as 41-year-old Matthew Burcar. The Duluth Police responded to the 9400 block of Grand Avenue near Smithville in West Duluth around 9:15 am on January 2nd.

Burcar ditched his vehicle and then fled on foot near Redeemer Lutheran Church. Duluth Police Department Officers set up a perimeter around the area. They were able to apprehend Burcar without incident.

Google Maps
Google Maps

When the damage was done, it appears that Burcar struck 11 vehicles with his own vehicle. He was also arrested on a Department of Corrections warrant. There are 11 pending charges of hit and run and also a DWI control substance.

Burcar's criminal history is somewhat extensive including several arrests for drugs and theft going back to 2010 in the Minnesota public Criminal History records. Most recently before this latest offense, Burcar was convicted of Felon Convicted Crime of Violence - Firearm violation in 2019. He's also been arrested multiple times on drug charges.

Over the years Burcar has also been convicted of felonies including burglary, theft, and drug possession, and selling drugs.

It's hard to believe that a person with these many felonies in recent years could already be on the roads and released from prison. Fortunately, no one was reported to be seriously injured in this crime.

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