Police across the pond are using social media to tackle the issue of drunk driving this holiday season. The tactic raises a few questions; including whether or not it will work, and if the idea could make it to the United States.

Through the month of December, police in a couple British cities will chronicle details of alcohol and drug-related arrests made on the roads on Twitter. Tweets will provide times and locations of arrests, and names will also be tweeted in the event individuals are charged. Those behind the campaign hope it will do a few things. At the forefront, the number of tweets generated by this campaign will give the public a measurable way to see the scale of the drinking and driving problem. Secondly, the threat of being publicly shamed on social media is hoped to be a deterrent.

The practice did drawn some criticism in another British city last year, however no legal action was taken against the department for the practice. With a couple additional police departments adopting the idea, it will be interesting to see if the idea spreads.

While laws here in the United States are a little different, do you think something like this would (or could) work here? Should departments in the U.S. consider this tactic?