Like many businesses during this pandemic the DTA has taken a loss in revenue due to less riders on their bus routes, they have lost half their riders to be exact. But they also know that they are not alone and for that they are dropping certain fares.

On Monday during a virtual meeting the DTA announced the following price changes, a  a single-day bus pass from $4 to $3 and seven-day passes from $17 to $15. Plus a  31-day youth pass will go from $37.50 down to $30. With these price changes it is a win win for everyone.

General Manager Phil Pumphrey said:

I don’t think we’ll make up for lost revenue, because the pandemic has impacted ridership so much. But we want to make it more of an attraction for people who are watching their budgets to use the bus, particularly families with kids, and in the summer. Kids have a lot of opportunities and free time in the summer, and we think it’s important as part of the community to help kids get to different programs.

I know for our kids as they got older but did not have a drivers license yet,  became very proficient at taking the bus for school, jobs and to go hang out with their friends. Except for the occasional lost bus pass it was a great way for them to get around and taught them how to manage their time while being independent too.

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As far as COVID-19 precautions driver barriers are in place on all buses, and new fare boxes have been installed, which now completes an upgrade that has been planned for quite a while. The DTA is hoping that the upgraded fare boxes will speed up the boarding process. Current service levels are at 91% with the hopes of getting back to 100% very soon.

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