An agreement has been reached between the city of Superior and the DTA  that will allow students and staff to ride he DTA for free this school year. Director of Transportation David See said the agreement will allow students to ride the DTA for free not only to school, but anywhere.

For many families finding transportation for their children to and from school and often times to attend jobs. Even though students are generally offered a discount on fares for some students and their families that is still not an option.

I know for my family when my kids entered High School we lived just close enough to Duluth East that my kids were no able to take the school bus but were far enough away that walking was not an option, so we had to rely on them taking the bus. This was also how they often had to get to work as well.

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See said to the Superior Telegram:

So this will open up opportunities for kids. Maybe they live in North End, but they want to work somewhere else that isn’t in North End. They can now get on a DTA bus, and they have an opportunity for employment out there.

See had also brought up the point that many students have never ridden the DTA before, so by offering this free service this might encourage them to use use the DTA service well into the years ahead. In addition to traditional buses, the agreement covers free transportation for students with disabilities through the DTA’s STRIDE para transportation.

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