The Duluth Transit Authority announced that they will be offering free rides to the public on Tuesday, November 3. They are offering the service once again to help assist the public in getting to and from polling places.

They will be offering the free rides throughout the service day. No fares will be required on Tuesday. All you need to do is simply board the bus without payment. It's a kind gesture from the Duluth Transit Authority to make sure that we have as much access to complete our civic duty as possible.

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Are you wondering where you can vote? The City Of Duluth's website has information on how to register to vote, obtain an absentee ballot, and where to find your polling location.

Another very helpful tidbit is that you can google "Where Do I Vote in Duluth, MN" or whichever city you are in. You'll see the top result in google open up as a spot you can put in your address and voila! It will show you your polling location.

A lot is on the line this year with a very big election. There have been tremendous efforts to get people to "get out and vote." Many people have already voted using absentee ballots as they try to lower their risk of COVID-19 infection.

According to The Washington Post, 73 million people have already voted. We've already broke the record for early voting this election year, and we very well could break the record for the most amount of votes in an election year. In 2016, 139 million votes were counted.

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