Well, the free ride is over. DTA will start charging again very soon.

The DTA announced that after installing plexiglass barriers on their fleet of buses to protect the drivers, they are going to start collecting fares from passengers again starting on Thursday, October 1st.

This comes after about 6 months of free service so they could limit the contact between driver and passenger, but with the new barriers completed the DTA feels that it is safe to begin collecting a fare again.

“We were very pleased to procure and install these barriers across our fleet of buses. They will provide a layer of protection for our drivers, and give us the opportunity to collect revenue which helps keep our system running,” said DTA General Manager Phil Pumphrey in a press release.

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The DTA says that there will be no fare increase and that the fares will be the same as they were on March 18th when they stopped collecting a fare.

The DTA says that it will also be reactivating routes #4, #15, and #25 known as the DuLooper on Monday, September 28th after a new fellowship of bus drivers is ready to hit the road.

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