Reporter Richard Wilkins made headlines last week when he falsely insinuated that Dua Lipa was sensationalizing the severity of a medical condition, and now, the pop star is speaking out against the "dangerous" reflex to so publicly misinform.

Lipa, who underwent painful oral surgery earlier this month, earned a strange critique from Wilkins days later, who'd wrongfully supposed that since he saw Lipa proceed to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she'd exaggerated her condition. Lipa quickly corrected him, and noted that the set was filmed before her procedure, and in a new interview KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, Lipa took the conversation one step further.

“Yeah I was pretty upset. I couldn’t perform, I couldn’t open my mouth. I could barely eat,” she said on the show, according to NME. “And I was really upset because my fans were really upset and that’s the kind of thing that I think is so dangerous, to say stuff like that. I don’t ever want to let people down unless I really, really have to. It was a health thing that I had to take care of and it came at the worst possible time.”

Lipa previously chided Wilkins on Twitter for his urge to shame her, and he eventually apologized.

"Lol @RichardWilkins if you were a good journalist you would’ve done proper research instead of talking out of your ass. Jimmy Kimmel was shot in Feb in La and aired yesterday. I’ve been in Australia on bed rest and wouldn’tve cancelled my Bruno shows if I didn’t have to," she tweeted.

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