A Duluth bridge that has been closed since earlier this spring following a truck hitting it will undergo repairs soon in a process to get it reopened.

The 40th Avenue West bridge that goes over I-35 in West Duluth was shut down on April 11 after the bridge sustained damage from a truck passing under it hitting the structure.

Concerns about the damage done to the structure from the incident were considerable enough that it was closed to vehicular traffic and for MNDOT to inspect for damage following the collision. While there were concerns about the weight-bearing aspects of the bridge, traffic has been allowed to pass beneath it since the incident occurred.

MNDOT conducted an initial inspection shortly after closing the bridge, determining repairs would need to be made before reopening it to traffic. A temporary detour has been put in place to re-route traffic exiting from northbound I-35 onto Oneota St. to 37½ Ave. W, and then to W. Michigan St. and W Superior St. back to 40th Ave. W.


After a few weeks of this detour, repairs are now scheduled to get underway soon. During these repairs, there are traffic impacts expected for motorists traveling on Interstate 35 in the area of this bridge.

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MNDOT says they will begin repair work under the 40th Avenue West bridge on Wednesday, May 15. Drivers traveling northbound on I-35 in Duluth can expect lane closures in the area between 6:30 am and 6:30 pm daily.

TSM Duluth
TSM Duluth


Work is expected to last for 10 days. The bridge will remain closed and detoured until after an assessment of the repairs has been made and the bridge has been deemed to once again be safe for vehicles.

MNDOT says they will continue to provide updates on the repairs, and we'll provide the latest as it becomes available.

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