Looking for 3 nights of a creative take on a tour of lights with music? Duluth artists created a punk rock version of Bentleyville called Boubville.

Every now and then you see an event name that makes you look twice. That's exactly what happened when I saw the word "Boubville". With a name like that, I had to click on it to get more information.

This is a three-night pop-up event that they call will be a punk rock version of the big tour of lights that is held at Bayfront. This event is also a fundraiser for The Embassy. The Embassy is a Duluth artist collective. The fundraiser will "help keep their studios through the winter and continue to be a bastion for weird art and culture in the Twin Ports".

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On their website, they say that Boubville is:

A community gathering pumped full of light, music, and shenanigans. Made with love by weirdos, for weirdos.

According to their event page on Facebook, here's what to expect for the three-night pop-up event from December 15th - December 17th:

  • "Light art" installations
  • Live music
  • Silent auction
  • Krampus spankings
  • Xmas karaoke
  • Photos with Drunk Santa
  • Something involving a zip line
  • Projection art
  • Fire spinning
  • Non-alcoholic cider and cocoa

All 3 nights will be from 4 pm - 11 pm. However, family hours are 4 pm - 9 pm, and "adults only" hours will be 9 pm - 11 pm. The event will also be held at 315 West 4th Street in Duluth.

Also, here's the music line-up for each night:

Thursday December 15th

  • Digetic
  • Arp Diocese
  • Sadkin
  • Crunchy Brunch

Friday December 16th

  • Jaw Knee Vee
  • Fuzz Lung
  • Knee Knee Knee
  • DJ Sox

Saturday December 17th

  • Dirt Bike Boyfriend
  • Boku Frequency
  • Arctic Universe
  • Hastings 3000

The music will be performed in a heated garage and there will be a port-a-potty on the grounds as well. You can get all the details here for the pop-up event.

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