Like many local businesses around the country last week was tough as more and more places had to shut down temporarily due to Covid-19 epidemic. Christian Benson is the  owner of Frost River in Lincoln Park and had to temporarily close the storefront and let go of his part time employees.

With the severe shortage of medical supplies Benson knew he could not stand idly by  especially since his wife is on the frontline as a anesthesiologist at a Duluth hospital. Benson said to KARE11 ""I'm saying, why are we making bags at this time when my wife is coming home absolutely panicked?"

Benson is offering to halt his machines from making their bags and instead make masks and other protective equipment. He knows the masks they make will not be the same as the N95, but it will offer better protection than a bandana. The problem right now is Benson and his team need the right materials to make the masks. He has reached out politicians and companies like 3M to get someone to help them. He went on to say to KARE11 "We need the connections, If there's any way that we can start putting our efforts in going to work every day towards helping this cause, we'd love to do it."

Hopefully Frost River will get some answers soon so they can start production on the masks and other safety equipment. For more on this story click here

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