Vikre Distillery has launched it's very own canned cocktail this week called "Frenchie."   This particular cocktail includes Vikre’s Juniper Gin, sparkling rosé wine, floral rosé liqueur and lemon juice.

Emily Vikre who is a cocktail creator told The Duluth News Tribune " I wanted a cocktail that has the ease and portability of a can, but that doesn’t compromise any of the flavor or quality standards I have for the cocktails in our distillery cocktail room."

Vickre is excited but said it has also been nerve wracking getting the project done since she has been working on it for over a year.  This particular cocktail will be available next week packaged  in four-packs in Minnesota liquor stores and then will be available in restaurants and bars. It will also be sold in Wisconsin and Illinois, as well as on tap at Vikre Distillery.

The "Frenchie"  will be celebrated  at its launch party from noon to 11 p.m. Saturday at Vikre Distillery at 525 S. Lake Ave in Canal Park in Duluth.

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