The Dunkin' Donuts location on Central Entrance in Duluth has quickly taken shape, looking like it's almost ready for customers. According to one source, we have a date for when we can expect to be able to get donuts and coffee from the restaurant. CDINDuluth, a business development blog, is reporting an opening date of June 24 in a blog post they shared earlier today.

The blog does specify that they had to jump through a lot of hoops to get this date, and the information comes from a source at the local site, not from the Dunkin' corporate headquarters. Whether this date is a soft open, an official grand opening, or some other date is still unclear.

The blog does reiterate multiple times that they don't know any plans about official grand opening, but the sign outside the store does say "opening soon". Looking at the building from outside, you can clearly see that the inside signage is up and lit, and finishing touches inside are being completed. Landscaping efforts are currently underway as well, so the finishing touches are being put on the location right now.

Even if the June 24 date isn't accurate, your craving for some Dunkin' will likely be satisfied sometime within the next month or so from the way things look.

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